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WorldClass Office Moving Serving Los Angeles & Southern California

Is your business in need of top-rated office movers? If so, look no further than the TI Commercial Movers support team. Our trained staff are office moving experts. They are proud to serve Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We have moved countless companies to and from the Los Angeles metro area.

Plus, our office movers have moved our clients to nearby cities.

These cities include Century City and Beverly Hills. We also take care of office moves in Santa Monica, Glendale, and Burbank. In fact, our corporate movers take care of moves in every city within Los Angeles County. But we will also take care of your moving needs in many cities outside of Los Angeles. No matter where your office is moving, we’re ready to assist.


Our team’s goal is to give you the best office moving service in the entire state of California.

We won’t rest until your business gets added to our growing list of satisfied clients. The TI moving experts will move you with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. Our mission is to take the stress and anxiety out of every move.



We Provide the Most Professional Office Relocation Services in Southern California


TI Commercial Movers is more than an office furniture moving company. We’re the best moving company with the most dedicated movers. Our moving company consists of professionals that are support experts.

When it comes to office buildings in and near Los Angeles, we know what to do.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to complete any type of office move and move service. That’s why many Southern California businesses depend on us for moving every year. We move them to and from the LA area with better knowledge and care than our competitors. 

The first step is for our team to provide you with an office move quote.

Step two is for our staff to ensure that the move quotes are accurate and flexible. Each moving quote addresses all the needs of clients. Every office moving quote also contains accurate information about the following factors. Each quote will go over all office items that will get moved. The moving quote will also go over access criteria. This applies to each moving location of office moves. Our quotes also list special office moving requirements. The moving quotes can apply to your business or office move.



Our Los Angeles Office Movers Provide Companies With New Normal Support Services



Our company is proud to provide office moving social distancing support services. That’s because our moving professionals have a clear mission in mind. It is to keep our moving customers out of harm’s way at all times. In fact, ABC News did a recent piece about the moving precautions we have taken during the pandemic.

As of 2021, we now provide the following professional moving support services:


-Thorough office sanitation systems and support. We can apply that sanitation before, after, and during every move.

-Packing and moving furniture, office equipment. We can also move all sorts of supplies.

-Reconfigurations when moving existing furniture and supplies. This is to create better spacing for seating and work stations.

-Short and long-term storage when moving office equipment, supplies, and boxes.

Short and long-term storage when moving office furniture.

-Applying floor way-finding decals during each move.

-Applying wall way-finding decals during each move.

-Help with gathering supplies across all areas during moving and after moving.

-Packing of boxes before moving.

-Moving delivery services from home-to-office and office-to-home.

-Premium junk removal systems and on-call junk removal services during moving.

-Disconnecting, moving, and reconnecting all forms of technology. We can take care of this moving process on behalf of an office for every move.

-Procuring/installing office divider applications before and after moving. This includes cubicle panels, office table screens, and desk wraps.

-Other premium and professional business moving services that ensure health and safety. Our mission is for every move to adhere to the highest health and safety standards.

Our team applies social distancing guidelines to all our standard office moving services. The TI office movers apply these social distancing procedures when it comes to:


-Commercial Moving for Any Office

-Moving Office Furniture

Commercial Moving & Storage

-Disposal & Recycling During the Moving Process

-Office Decommissioning While Moving 

Facilities forklift Support During Every Move

-Office Packing Services Before Moving

-Storage During or After Moving

-Shipping During a Move


The TI Office Movers Are Only One Phone Call Away From Moving Your Business


We realize that the process of office furniture installation can get stressful. After all, the moving process itself can feel stressful. That’s why you need excellent rates for your business moving needs. Our new low rates will make you feel sure about your office moving plans.

There are other ways TI Commercial Movers will reduce your stress.

For example, we’ll start providing you a checklist for all office moving services. Whether you are making a move to, from, or near the Los Angeles area—we’re ready to help.

Every member of our team has a verified moving license.

Plus, they have the office moving tools and resources to get the job done. We also have more storage space than our moving competitors. If you need junk removal, then we can organize that junk to get disposed of. This is so you can get back to doing what makes your company money. Next thing you know, your company can become more successful than ever before. How so? By having the right physical systems in place at your office after moving.

Please contact us right now to learn more about how we can help your business get relocated.

Our staff will explain the specific moving services that can benefit your company. We would love to help your team prepare for the upcoming move. So, let us know if you are in need of packing services before moving. Our experts will handle your furniture and goods with the utmost care. Also, make sure to ask us about receiving a free moving quote.

TI Commercial Movers ensures that we will do the moving job right the first time.

This way, your team can get back to work as soon as possible. We are more than a standard commercial moving company. Every year, we’re considered the number one Los Angeles office mover. And we look forward to proving why we’re so good at moving to you and your employees.



All Other Moving Companies Do Not Compare



Most office moving companies go through the motions. Not our moving team. Our professional office movers have more training and experience than all other organizations. That’s why we’re considered the #1 office movers in Los Angeles, California. But if you’re outside of LA, that’s not a problem.

We’ve relocated many businesses in Orange County, Ventura County, and other areas.

Trust us. When it comes to all moving services, we’ll give you more than supplies and support systems. We’ll provide you with the top-rated moving experience in the entire state.


Here’s one reason why our moving team goes above and beyond: technology.

We recognize how important technology is during moving. Technology can help you deal with your new office requirements. That’s why our moving services are more advanced than that of our competitors. Technology is the lifeblood that keeps most businesses afloat.

And that is why we provide first-rate technology moving services.

Our employees help all clients disassemble and reassemble their technology/IT operations. The faster your workers have their technology running, the faster they can do their jobs. The IT systems inside our moving facilities are state-of-the-art. Please contact our moving company right now. Why? So that you learn more about the moving services that our movers provide.



We’re One of the Best Moving Companies in the US



TI Commercial Movers is one of the top movers in the US for a reason. That’s why moving company after moving company tries to copy us. But their services have many limitations when it comes to benefitting an office. These moving companies often use movers with limited skill sets. As a result, the movers often fail to maintain the condition of items. This can result in an office lacking basic supplies after a move. But the moving professionals at TI Commercial Movers are different. 

We use patented moving techniques and processes that no other moving company has.

Even our moving technology is state-of-the-art. We partner with leading IT companies to develop amazing moving technologies. Those technologies translate into saving money for every office.

No other moving company makes the extra efforts that the TI movers do.

Plus, we get consideration every year as a moving company with great customer support.

Is Your Office Moving Its IT Department? Our Office Movers Are Ready To Assist

Does your office need help moving its IT or technology department? If so, our moving experts can make the transition easy. How so? Well, it starts with our moving history. All our IT movers have years of technology moving experience. These movers move both big and small pieces of technology on a consistent basis.

We would never let any movers touch your equipment without proper moving training.

In fact, our firm even teaches moving training courses to other movers in the US. We believe that every item in an office is valuable. Whether the office item we’re moving is related to technology or not. That’s why our movers put so much care into their work. Our moving professionals will move all your expensive items with the utmost care.


Contact Our Office Moving Experts Right Now


Please contact us, your new moving professionals, at any moment. This way, you can learn more about our commercial moving and storage services. Within minutes, we can provide everything that you need to know about moving. From an estimate to advice about moving out of a certain building. In fact, our moving professionals can move you between any two locations. 

You’re welcome to speak to our Los Angeles movers on a direct basis at any moment.

The TI moving team will tell you more about our services and why they matter. From storage services to all other commercial needs. Our moving company can do it all. In fact, our movers provide one of the top-rated commercial storage facilities in the US. Using our commercial moving and storage services will keep your office items safe.



We Provide a Free Moving Quote for Every Office Move Customer



Do you want to receive a free moving quote? All you need to do is pick up the phone and give our Support Services department a call. It is easy like ABC! In fact, it only takes minutes to book a moving appointment for your company.

And when you have requested a new moving quote, please tell the agent what office move you need.

Assessing your needs will help you make the most of your free moving quote. Consider questions like these: 


Is there any junk removal to get disposed of on the day of the move? 
Do you need storage solutions for your move? If so, which specific storage services will fit your moving needs?
How much storage will you need when you move? 
Do you have a specific moving plan you’d like us to follow? 
Do you need help creating a moving plan? 
What type of furniture must get moved?
Will you need supplies, boxes, or e-crates for commercial moving? 
How many boxes do you need for you to move or for our movers to assist in moving? 
Do you have your own boxes to move or need boxes from our moving professionals?
Do you plan on only having our moving professionals pack? (This happens when a customer has already booked with a more expensive moving service. United Van Lines is a common example.)
What time of the day do you want the move to get done? 
Would you prefer a night or day office move? 
Will business moving installation get done on the day of the move?
Will you require packing of personal content during the moving process? 
Is there a certain size of moving truck that you need? (We have the best selection of moving trucks in the area.) 
Will you need packing services for computer screens before moving?
How do you plan a office relocation?
How do you communicate with an office move?


We look forward to making your office moving experience fast, easy, and fun when you hire us. (323) 433-0855


You can also download this office moving checklist pdf:

How to Plan for your Office Move