Business Moving

Business Moving

What Should I Do When Moving My Business?


Moving a business can get stressful for anyone. But do not despair. The T.I. Experts are here to help you every step of the way. The first thing you’ll want to do is go online and change your physical address. But this applies to more than only a mailing address. You’ll want to change the address on Google Places, Yelp, and all other online resources. But try to avoid changing your company’s phone number.

You’ll risk losing customers if you create a new number. The next step is to inform the government that your business is moving. This is for both licensing and taxation purposes. It’s best to let the government know about your move ASAP.

Why? You can’t afford to risk having any downtime take place. Once these steps are out of the way, you can begin updating your company’s marketing materials.




How Do I Announce That My Business Is Doing Commercial Moving?


Don’t worry too much about letting people know that your business is moving. The key is to make the announcement as soon as you can. This is so both clients and potential customers can adjust their plans. Be specific when you make your announcement. This means that you should include the exact moving date within the announcement. This process doesn’t have to make your workers feel stressed. Instead, your employees can get creative while coming up with fun announcement strategies. For example, they can upload a colorful banner to social media platforms.

The banner can feature the moving date. This should also take place when it comes to updating your company’s website. The banners should stay online for at least half a year or so. Make sure your team posts the new address on every announcement. Also, adjust your posted business hours if there are any changes.


How Do I Ask Someone to Move to a New Office or Commercial Location?


There’s one first key step when it comes to revealing that your business is moving: research. You’ve got to do your homework about the new location. Why? Because your employees are going to ask you a lot of questions. And you should get prepared to answer each one. Next, think about the upcoming business move from all your employees’ perspectives. Ask yourself questions like these. How will the move make the person’s job better? How will the move make the person’s job harder? Why is the company making this move in the first place?

Once you go over questions like these, you’re going to be ready to state your case. When asking someone to move, try to have empathy and compassion. Some of your workers might feel annoyed or even angry about the office move. Offer to meet one-on-one with the employees and work out any differences ASAP. State to each person that they offer many unique qualities that are difficult to replace.


Remember that business moving can feel confusing for employees. But do not despair. Our team is ready to help you out. Each of our services can benefit your entire staff. We will make sure that their office moving experience goes as best it can. Our team can even help your employees with packing and storage. Better yet, we’ll take care of both of those services on their behalf. Why? Because we provide the best commercial moving experience in the state. No exceptions.


Commercial Moving Services That Put Your Business Needs First


Business moving can feel overwhelming. Even more so than moving to a new home. That’s why you need commercial relocations services that get results. And TI Commercial Movers provides the number one moving services. Where? In the entire state of California. We are a team of entrepreneurs. This means that we understand what goes into running a successful business. That’s why we test out every factor when it comes to helping a company move. From moving furniture to packing to storage. Our commercial movers have you covered. 


We know what any business owner needs to succeed. That’s why we’re considered the best office moving experience in Los Angeles. Other commercial movers do the least amount of work. Instead, we choose to go the extra mile. We are a moving company that you can depend on. Our workers have decades of experience. This positions them to do more than only moving furniture.


They can provide moving tips and package/storage service that get results. In fact, do you need moving tips right now? If so, feel free to give us a call or send an email. We’ll give you free first-rate office moving tips on-the-spot. 


We’ll Help You Prepare For an Office Move/Commercial Move


Preparing for an office or commercial move is never easy. At least, it wasn’t until TI Commercial Movers arrived on the scene. Our team has spent decades helping companies across all industries with moves. We know that the key to any successful commercial move is preparation. That’s why our team creates a free custom plan for all our clients.

The office moving plan will list all services that your company will need. These include packing, storage, and changes in technology services. At this stage, other office moving organizations only provide a quote. But that’s not good enough for us. We choose to provide full-scale relocation services that will get your employees prepared. Plus, we can change the custom moving process whenever you need to consider options. There’s no need for you to waste time packing and getting ready for the move. Leave the dirty work to our team of commercial moving professionals.


Free Quotes for Our Packing/Moving Services


That’s right- TI Commercial Movers can provide not one but two free quotes per move. What does this mean? Well, say you’re not satisfied with the first quote our moving team provides. That’s no problem at all. We won’t argue with you or insist our quote is perfect. Instead, our moving professionals will provide a second moving estimate.

This includes analyzing all the furniture and office supplies that your business has. We will ensure that each quote addresses every need that you have. As a team led by entrepreneurs, we know that every dollar means a lot. That’s why our moving team will go above and beyond to save you money. Plus, despite a great rate, you’ll get the best commercial moving experience. In fact, we’re ranked #1 in the state of California for commercial moving. That’s right- no other commercial movers compare. 

We know that business moving and office relocation doesn’t have to break the bank. Instead, it can meet your every need while helping you save thousands of dollars. This can position you to have more money left over to buy new furniture and supplies. Take it from us. Our commercial moving services got built from the ground up. We got to where we are today due to intelligent business and moving strategies. And we’re ready to provide those strategies to your commercial business right now.


Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Commercial and Office Moving Services



Are you ready to learn more about our patented business moving processes? If so, our moving team is only a phone call away. Feel free to ask us any questions about how we conduct business moving operations. We can reference other commercial moves that would be like your own business move. But our expert-level moving team will also listen to your needs. We value listening so that we can consider what’s best to help every client. All it takes is two minutes or so of listening to your plans for business moving.


We’ll then explain which commercial moving services can help you out the most. Our team will also provide suggestions about a change or two in your moving strategy. This can lead to helping you save a lot of time and money. Remember- TI gets consideration as the best business moving experience in the state. And we’re ready to show you why.

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