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Is your business in need of top-rated office movers? If so, look no further than TI Commercial Movers. Our trained staff is office moving experts serving Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We have moved countless companies to and from the Los Angeles metro area. Plus, we have moved our clients to nearby cities like:

-Beverly Hills

-Century City

-Santa Monica



-Other cities within Los Angeles County

-Many cities outside of Los Angeles County

The Most Professional Office Moving Organization in California

Our team’s goal is to give you the best office moving service in the entire state of California. We won’t rest until your business gets added to our growing list of satisfied clients.

TI Commercial Movers is more than an office moving company. We are professionals that are experts when it comes to the office buildings in and near Los Angeles. Our team has the experience and knowledge to complete any office move with ease. That’s why many Southern California businesses depend on us every year. We move them to and from the LA area with better knowledge and care than our competitors. The first step is for our team to provide you with an office move quote. Our staff ensures that the quotes are both accurate and flexible to the needs of clients. Each quote contains accurate information about:

-The items that will get moved.

-Access criteria at each location

-Special office moving requirements that apply to your business.

The Number One Office Movers in Los Angeles

TI Commercial Movers has a reputation for being one of the best office movers in Los Angeles. Why are we often ranked number one? It’s due to trust. We’re trusted by local businesses–and we have been for many years. It doesn’t matter if your office is moving 10 or 2,000 employees. Either way, we will assist you with both local and long distance office moves. Our Los Angeles movers do much more than transporting goods. They plan, pack, and conduct project management operations. They can even take part in implementation like furniture installations.

Our company recognizes that any office move features a lot of moving parts. This is why we have the most detailed moving process in Southern California. The TI team will troubleshoot any potential moving problem that can occur. We pride ourselves on avoiding delays, loss, and breakage. TI office movers are not only experienced. They are also flexible. Our team will work with your team to deliver top-rated office moving results. We do not want to achieve your moving expectations. We intend to exceed them.

Our Office Movers Serve Businesses of All Sizes

Most other office movers specialize in moving businesses of certain sizes. Not us. We are one of the only LA moving companies that assists businesses of all sizes. Our full service office moving operations have no limitations. We customize our commercial relocation services to fit the needs of our clients. No matter the situation, our office movers focus on professionalism. Plus, they used advanced technologies that prevent moving problems from taking place. Our technologies focus on two key successful office moving factors. 1. Chain of custody tracking for all items. 2. Safe handling procedures. 

Office moving technology is not our only resource. Our experts themselves serve as resources to our clients. That’s why they will help plan and execute any type of office move. Their goal is for your business to get up and running as fast as possible. TI Commercial Movers has a strong reputation for service excellence. That’s why our office moving team has developed many long-term customer relationships. And that team is standing by right now, ready to provide you with a quote and office moving plan.

Our Office Moving Services Are Only One Phone Call Away

We realize that the process of office and business moving can get stressful. TI Commercial Movers will reduce your stress by providing world-class office moving services. Whether you are making a move to, from, or near the Los Angeles area—we’re ready to help. Our team has the office moving tools and resources to get the job done. 

Please contact us right now to learn more about how we can help your business get relocated. Our staff will explain the specific moving services that can benefit your company. We would love to help your staff prepare for the upcoming move. So, let us know if you are in need of packing services. Our team will handle your furniture and goods with the utmost care. Also, make sure to ask us about receiving a free quote.

TI Commercial Movers ensures that we will do the job right the first time. This way, your team can get back to work as soon as possible. We are more than a standard commercial moving company. Every year, we get considered as the number one Los Angeles office mover. And we look forward to proving why we are to you and your employees.

Office Mover Support Services for the New Normal

Our company is proud to provide office moving social distancing support services. That’s because one of our missions is to keep our customers out of harm’s way at all times. As of 2020, we now provide the following support services:

-Thorough office sanitation.

-Packing and moving furniture and office equipment.

-Reconfigurations of existing furniture. (This is to create better spacing for seating and work stations.) 

-Short and long-term storage for office equipment.

-Short and long-term storage for office furniture.

-Applying floor way-finding decals.

-Applying wall way-finding decals.

-Disconnecting, moving, and reconnecting office all forms of technology.

-Procuring/installing office divider applications. (These include cubicle panels, table screens, and desk wraps.)

Our team applies social distancing guidelines to all our standard office moving services. The TI office movers apply social distancing procedures when it comes to:

-Commercial Moving

-Office Furniture

-Commercial Storage

-Disposal & Recycling

-Office Decommissioning

-Facilities Support

-Packing Services

The TI Office Movers Can Move You Anywhere

Our office movers are ready to move your team to many locations in Southern California. Here are some of the cities that our office movers can help you relocate to:

-Los Angeles

-Santa Monica


-Beverly Hills

-West Hollywood


-Century City



-Manhattan Beach

-Thousand Oaks


-Garden Grove





-Orange County