Office Furniture Movers

Office Furniture Movers

Welcome to TI Commercial Movers: the #1 office furniture movers in Southern California. When businesses need to move furniture, they count on TI to get the job done. Our trained office movers have decades of experience. They’ve excelled across all areas when it comes to office moving. As a result of their efforts, TI now moves more office furniture than any other So-Cal company. While moving, we never lose sight of the main goal of our organization. And that is to provide YOU with the best office furniture moving experience in the country.

Office Furniture Moving Without Limitations

Other office furniture moving companies are foolish. They’re hesitant to move customers unless they meet a series of certain conditions. Instead, TI Commercial Movers goes the opposite route. We can take on ANY office moving project, no matter how simple or complicated it seems. After all, we have the most advanced modern furniture moving tools and resources in the industry. But don’t think those features come at a huge cost.

We choose to keep our pricing structure low so that every business has an opportunity to move. Once we provide a furniture moving quote, you’ll recognize how much value you’ll receive. And when our movers arrive to take care of your furniture, you’ll see that value come to life. Plus, our team will take care of any special office moving requirements that you have. As hundreds of local businesses can attest, there’s no limit to our furniture moving services.

Top-Rated Furniture Movers Trusted by Southern California Businesses for Decades

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to move an office of 5 or 5,000 people. Either way, the TI team will take care of all your furniture moving needs. We’ve been doing so on behalf of Southern California companies for three decades. Most Local businesses moving recognize that we’re #1 when it comes to every phase of furniture moving. Planning. Packing. Disassembling. Project management. Cubicle Installations. Warehouse forklift moves and more.

We ensure that our furniture movers knock it out of the park in all that they do. In fact, we have a reputation for using the most detailed office moving process in the state. This patented process troubleshoots every potential issue so delays cannot occur. We also use state-of-the-art measures to avoid the loss and breakage of furniture. Our office movers do not intend to meet your expectations. Instead, they will do all they can to exceed them.

Office Furniture Pre-Move Planning

Having the right office furniture moving plan makes a big difference. The planning phase can impact the timeline and cost of every commercial move. That’s why our team will create a custom furniture moving plan on your behalf. It will address your needs while also adhering to strict safety procedures. Our movers will have clear instructions for transporting each piece of your furniture. Our pre-move planning processes ensure that our clients’ furniture stays in safe hands. Even if your office has medical records or office gym equipment that you want to be relocated.

Office Furniture Move Management

It doesn’t matter where you want your furniture moved to. Whether it’s a small office or a huge facility, our movers will give you peace of mind. How so? By managing the entire furniture relocation process. The TI team will use the best, highest quality moving equipment and packing materials. Plus, we’ll assign more than enough manpower to get the job done. We bet that you’ve never seen a move as organized as a TI Commercial Movers move. If you have old office furniture that you want disposed of we can do this for you.

Office Furniture Packing

Our experts are true pros when it comes to packing office furniture and supplies. The mission of our team is to ensure that none of our clients’ furniture experiences damage. That’s why we are masters of wall prep and all actions related to packing. Our patented packing technologies have received praise across California. The technologies can prevent scratches and dents when it comes to all types of furniture.

Office Furniture Warehousing

The TI moving team provides the most secure warehousing solutions in the state. Our goal is to exceed the furniture storage needs of every client. We’ll protect your office furniture in a safe location and we won’t even let dust get near it. The TI team can create a custom storage plan that is as short or long-term as you want it to be. Whether you need furniture stored for a week or months, we’re ready to get to work.

Furniture Moving Day? More Like Victory Day

The staff of your office should never get stressed about furniture moving day. At least, not with TI Commercial Movers on their side. Each of our movers gets trained to limit the chaos and surprises that can happen on moving day. In fact, we have a reputation for employing the best trained crew in Southern California with a exam on a office moving checklist.

They will execute your furniture relocation with the utmost respect and professionalism. We can even send out a project manager to oversee your furniture getting moved. The manager will communicate with your workforce throughout the entire moving process. What’s the end-result of our moving day services? Victory for you and your organization.

Post-Move Support

Other office moving companies choose to flee the second that furniture comes off a truck. Well, that’s not how TI Commercial Movers does business. We’ll do more than place your furniture anywhere that you’d like. Our team can also take care of last-minute changes and reconfigurations.

The TI commercial movers will reinstall your furniture so your employees can focus on other tasks. An assigned project manager will guide you through the entire post-move process. Our mission is to reduce downtime so that you can get back to business ASAP.

Why Choose Our Office Furniture Movers?

With decades of business moving experience, we have the knowledge to move your furniture. We also have the efficiency and accuracy that you need. Our staff will help you avoid downtime as we get your furniture set up fast. This way, you and the rest of your business won’t have to waste time and energy focusing on moving. We recognize that moving is only part of the relocation process.

That’s why we’re also here to help you with storing and packing office furniture. Whether you need full or partial packing, the TI team is here to take care of your moving needs. The TI staff prides itself on serving Southern California companies of all sizes. Our full-service furniture moving operations are a winning solution for any business. You won’t find better pricing or value anywhere else for cubicle movers or office furniture relocation. That’s why we have the most long-term, repeat customers in Los Angeles County.

Contact Our Office Furniture Movers Today

Do you want to learn more about our office furniture moving services? If so, please call or message us right now. We can tell you more about why we’re ranked #1 in the office furniture moving industry. Plus, our experts will assess your furniture moving needs and present ideal solutions. TI Commercial Movers has set the benchmark when it comes to moving office furniture. And our dedicated staff is standing by to show you why.

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