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Office Moving Checklist: How to Get Your Team Ready for Office Moving

Is your company moving or preparing for an office relocation? If so, TI Commercial Movers is ready to ensure your relocation efforts succeed. But our team does much more than moving the belongings of companies. We help our clients plan and prepare for any type of move. That’s why we take pride in our organized moving planning processes. These help ensure that there are few disruptions when our clients move.

What is one of our office moving/relocation secret weapons? The best office moving checklists. We go out of our way to create moving checklists and plans for each of our clients. They ensure that companies have all planning and preparation tasks complete. Our office moving and relocating checklists have helped many businesses succeed. Contact us today if you would like us to create a custom moving checklist for your staff.

In the meantime, below is our world-class office moving checklist. Consider each factor within the checklist before you take part in commercial moving.

Office Moving Checklist, Step #1: Planning Moving Furniture & Everything Else in the Office

Has your company decided to do office moving? If so, start out by following the best moving steps below. Strive to take care of these three to six months before the moving date. The first step of any moving checklist is crucial for success.

-Go over the commercial property lease at your current office. You might have to pay a fee if your corporate office is moving early. Figure out whether you can get the deposit back at the current office. Keep in mind that you could be responsible for damages that occur during moving. This is why you need to hire the best movers. (And TI Commercial Movers are the best movers in California.) Otherwise, subpar movers could damage your equipment.

-Create the best moving planning team. Add the team’s roles to your moving checklist. Your team will delegate tasks related to the move to the new location. This will ensure that you have the best leadership during the moving process.

-Determine if you need moving insurance to move to the new office. You might if movers will transport a lot of machinery and equipment while moving.

Make a list of office junk that you want to throw away. Confirm the junk list with management.

-Put a moving budget in place. Connect the budget to every item on your moving checklist. Make sure that you do not overspend while moving. It is easy for a moving budget figure to go north fast. But when you apply solid business strategies, you can stop any budget from going north.

-Contact TI Commercial Movers for office move planning.

Our movers will send you a quote and help you select the moving services that you need. The TI team of moving professionals will give you the most value for your money. All our movers go through years of relocation training. Plus, we can send you a custom moving checklist. Please let us know if you need any commercial items placed in our storage

Office Moving Checklist, Step #2: Communication About Moving the Office

Congrats- the first stage of the office moving checklist is complete. You now have a new office moving date. It’s now time to take the following actions before moving or hiring movers.

-Confirm with relevant parties about the new upcoming office relocation/moving process. This includes companies that your organization partners with. Each business must know ASAP.

-Confirm with the current property manager/landlord about the move. Provide official notice about moving to the new office.

-Give your team members the new office address and official moving date.

-Create a master list of people and companies to send your new office address to. Confirm that each address is correct. Otherwise, your new business address will go to the wrong person.

-Arrange for truck rental that is central to the location of your new office or medical office move. (And car rental if needed.) Don’t agree to the first company when calling about truck rental. Call many companies to arrange the best truck rental service. Ask plenty of questions about the companies’ truck rental equipment. You don’t want to use moving equipment that’s outdated. Have your team confirm the companies are first-rate by reading reviews.

-Let each team member know what his/her moving related responsibilities are.

-Complete a new moving reservation with TI Commercial Movers. If you’re in a far-away state, research other companies.

-Discuss how moving will impact your IT department. They might need to set up new office technologies on move-in day. The IT team might also need to buy equipment from other companies.

-Notify affiliates, companies, partners, and suppliers about moving. They are going to need updated/new contact information.

Office Moving Checklist, Step #3: Preparation for Moving Day

You are almost halfway there on the office moving checklist. Stay the course while preparing to move to the new office. You will see a light at the end of the tunnel before you know it.

-Consider logistics about moving office equipment to a new space.

-Get a floor plan for the new office.

-Plan how your team will lay things out inside the new office after moving.

-Make an inventory of current office furniture and new office furniture.

-Talk to a furniture company about potential new furniture that you will need in the office.

-Order furniture for the new office space.

-Secure a new external storage facility. Make sure that the storage facility has great security.

-Determine the order in which equipment will get moved to the new office space.

-Name and define all new communal spaces on your office floor plan.

-Sign all licenses, permits, and other paperwork that have to do with the new office. The company owner should use his or her name. This is for the security of you and your team.

-Book elevators and office parking space for the day of the move. You want every employee’s car to get parked close to the new office. If car after car can’t fit, contact the owner of the building.

-Hire a cleaning company for both the new office and the old office.

-Get security access codes for the new office space location.

-Send the new office floor plan to your moving company. They might need to do a walk-through of the office. 

-Throw away junk that will get in the way while moving to the new office.

-Create a new moving day plan for all your employees for your corporate relocation. It should detail their responsibilities for office relocation. The TI team can help you create the moving day plan.

Office Moving Checklist, Step #4: The Day Has Come for Moving Furniture & Other Equipment

Your office moving checklist must now go over the logistics for moving day. That’s right- moving day has arrived. Make sure that you and your staff are well-prepared to move to the office. Movers will arrive at your business for new office relocation.

-Create a list of emergency numbers for every employee involved with moving to the office.

-Create a new business location budget for refreshments. Your moving team will appreciate any refreshments that you can provide. Cookies are always solid refreshment. But cookies aren’t as important as water. Have tons of water bottles at the new location. Moving teams can get dehydrated fast. And cookies can’t rehydrate movers like water can. (You could also provide movers with Gatorade, Powerade, sparkling water, etc)

-Arrange to have air conditioning in the new office on move-in day.

-Move all business and technology equipment into the office first. (Computers, phones, etc) 

-Make sure there is a process in place to to move items to the correct locations. Tell your movers where they should go. 

-Book a date for the new technology systems and phone lines to become operational. Otherwise, your new office space will not function well. Make sure all equipment is working well.

Office Moving Checklist, Step #5: Settling In to the New Office & Setting Up Furniture

You’ve now almost completed the office moving checklist. But don’t celebrate. You’ve still got to set everything up in the new office. Your goal is to get your business up and running as best you can.

-Make sure all office areas get defined for staff to set their workstations up.

-Have the employees set up their technologies and computers in the new location.

-Set up the new office’s phone systems and phone lines.

-Update the company website with the new location of the office.

-Update the company’s phone list.

Distribute your phone lists in the new office.

-Conduct a detailed check of the site/premises. Do your best to confirm all site information.

-If there is damage in the office, report it to the moving company ASAP.

-Confirm that your insurance has gotten transferred.

-Make sure your team gets done taking care of the old lease.

-Receive any deposits from the old location.

-Send back all keys, keycards, and passes to the old location.

-Give your employees their keys, keycards, and passes.

-Go over all payments and invoices.

-Get the new office IT systems up and running so they’re at their best ASAP.

-Create a press release about the change of location to the new office.

-Hold the best office warming party that you can.

-Leave a welcome pack on every employee’s desk at the new office

We Can Help You Create a Moving Checklist for Office Relocation

Do you need help building the beststate-of-the-art office moving checklist? If so, our company is here to ensure that your moving plans are complete. The average cost of an office move is expensive. But with our firm’s help, we could help reduce your commercial moving expenses. That’s why you should consider contacting us before you move.

Or, you can even reach out to our team during your move. Either way, our custom checklists will make moving into your new office simple and easy. We understand that some companies do not have the time to plan months before a move.

That is why we’re ready to assist you with your move at any moment. Our team will provide you with the best information that will help you make the most of your new office. We offer the best office moving planning services in Southern California. When you work with us, you’re working with the #1 moving planners in the region.

Contact Us Any Day Before Moving for More Tips

The TI Commercial Movers team understands how stressful moving into a new office can get. That’s why we’re here to help you with all your relocation needs. We recognize that you might need more than a moving checklist. Your team could need anything from junk removal to the best storage tips.

No matter your goals or location, our expert movers can assist. They provide the best moving recommendations that get results. This applies if you’re moving to a new office space or have another relocation need. Our team knows the best moving practices like the backs of our hands.

Check out our Reviews section to confirm we’re the #1 movers in California. In fact, our office movers have assisted business after business across the US. For example, we helped a company with relocation from Dallas, TX to Austin, TX in 2020. We gave the company tips to ensure they followed the best practices.

Our team even helped the company find a lasting storage site solution. This positioned them to arrange for their furniture to get stored in a safe new location. Our recommendations led to the company having one of the best office moves we’ve seen. The TI team also went truck by truck to find the best truck rental companies.

Call our email us right now to prepare for office moving. We know the business of moving better than any other company. And we’re ready to share our recommendations with you at any moment. From finding the best storage spaces to using security measures during moving. We won’t rest until all your office equipment gets set up.

Our helpline is open 24/7. The TI team will return your call if our moving experts are busy. Also, please check out our site for more information about the moving checklist. We have many articles about moving into new office space. In fact, here is a preview of some of the office moving articles on our website.

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