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We Are the Number Office One Cubicle Movers in Los Angeles & Surrounding Counties 



Premium Cubicle/Office/Furniture Moving Services


TI Commercial Movers realizes that cubicle moving can seem overwhelming. Not only is moving a challenge, but cubicle installation also needs a lot of equipment. Rest assured, our staff will handle both with great care with office furniture services. Each of our employees has gotten trained to carry out all cubicle moving tasks. Other moving companies go through the motions when moving cubicles. Not us. We’re prepared to handle office moving tasks of all shapes and sizes. And we do so with more special care and effort than our competitors. We make sure that all types of office space environments get moved in a safe manner.

Our movers care about the investments that our clients have made. Plus, they understand all related services needed and cubicle moving fundamentals. We’ll assemble and disassemble your cubicle equipment. And we will do so with the utmost attention to detail during furniture assembly. Plus, we use advanced, state-of-the-art moving equipment.


We Provide Cubicle Installation Services and Can Set Up Your Office Furniture


When you move, there are many different-style cubicle relocations we do. Our cubicle installation team knows the ins and outs of furniture brands. That’s why we have specialized tools to dismantle office furniture. Our movers conduct furniture assembly on all types of furniture. From standard chairs to glass furniture. We can install office cubicles from companies such as these:

Office cubicle such as:

  • Herman Miller
  • Haworth
  • Steelcase
  • Kimball
  • Teknion
  • Hon
  • Gunlocke
  • Allsteel
  • Trendway
  • Knoll


We move these cubicle systems on a weekly basis. We have contracts with many office furniture brands to install new office furniture. That’s why we know how to treat used cubicles in Los Angeles. Go ahead and give us a call and tell us what you have. This is so we can give you the best deal to do cubicle installation. Our moving team will help you move, sell, or liquidate your cubicles. We want your staff to use the best chairs and furniture in the market. That’s why our movers can help you find new equipment and furniture at great prices. (323) 433-0855


First-Rate Installations of Cubicles Plus Furniture Reconfiguration Services


Go ahead and get out your office cubicle design blueprints quote. Why? Because our team is ready to get to work. And we can use any layout with your data of cubicle installation when moving to the new office. We will deliver the exact cubicle that you expect to have within your new office location. The TI Commercial Moving staff will go out of its way to reduce any interruptions. Some of our clients need help with pre-planning their cubicle design layouts.


Whatever your cubicle moving need is, our team will assist you with it. We can help you measure the rooms where the cubicles will get placed. Our standard office furniture configuration procedures are first-rate. They ensure that cubicle installations never encounter any setbacks. And if you need a reconfiguration, we can take care of that as well. No matter what your office cubicle installation entails, our team is 110% prepared.


Do You Have a New Office Cubicle/Furniture Installation Blueprint for Our Movers?


Do you not have an office cubicle blueprint? If you don’t, that’s no problem at all. Our skilled employees will construct the best cubicle arrangement possible. It is for all your office furniture with the data you provide. The movers will make sure that it meets the measurements needed for your business. TI Commercial Movers has a great relationship with many office cubicle companies. And we also work with many different office cubicle manufacturers. We can contact any of them at moment’s notice, if necessary.


Why? So that we can gather or create cable configuration instructions in record time. We pay close attention to dimensions so our clients’ cubicles get positioned well. Our trained technicians know how to set up any equipment that you need. TI Commercial Movers will deliver a modern cubicle design. Our goal is for the design to stand out to all the visitors at your office at the quote given.


Cubicle Moving Services
We move any type of cubicle you may need transported or reconfigured.

We Are Office Cubicle, Furniture, and Workstation Moving Experts


Say goodbye to the days of dreading an office move. TI Commercial Movers will take care of all your relocation needs. We will get the job done fast so your business will not have to stop operations. Choosing the wrong cubicle moving company can have devastating consequences. It can lead to a complete stop of an organization’s functions. Our team’s goal is to ensure that this never happens to our Los Angeles-area clients. Sure, we will handle your move faster than our competitors. But we will also not leave your furniture and cubicle layout in disarray.


Our mover employees get trained to put everything in place with care. This prevents our clients from having to do any extra, time-consuming work. We take care of every moving and storage need. That’s why we’re always ranked as one of the top cubicle movers in Southern California. We do more than setting up furniture. We can take care of all office supplies and equipment. All aspects of your workstations are in safe hands with our team. In fact, we can even:


-Take care of panels.

-Arrange and populate file cabinets by the movers.

-Ensure that tabletops are set up the right way.

-Disassemble all types of overhead compartments.



Our New Office Cubicle and Furniture Moving Services Have Gotten Patented


TI Commercial Movers uses patented cubicle moving processes to set out assembly for office cubicle services. These unique operations assist all types of businesses. That’s one reason why we stand out so much from other Los Angeles movers. Our goal is to make sure that every aspect of your cubicle moving process goes well. Whatever your business envisions, we will deliver.

It’s as simple as that. We take care of all installations and reconfigurations without trouble. No matter the size of your cubicles, we will put the right process and solutions in place. We assist businesses with both big or small and large cubicles. Even if you have a huge cubicle farm, we know how to help you relocate with ease. Our team looks forward to taking care of all your cubicle moving needs.


Our Company Takes Care of All Office Cubicle Moving Needs in or Near Los Angeles


Cubicle moving seems like an easy process, in theory. But it never is. From big planning to installation, changing offices takes a lot of hard work. And that’s where our company services step in. We do more than provide standard moving services with your data. We ensure that all cubicle moving needs get met. This is important to us.


Our full-scale commercial moving services have no limitations. For example, other companies will only transport office furniture. But that’s not good enough for us. We can assemble any type of office furniture that you have. In fact, we pride ourselves on providing first-rate installation services.


Our company’s services go above and beyond when it comes to helping clients change offices. That’s why we’re considered the #1 cubicle movers in Los Angeles, California. So, what are you waiting for? Call us right now for a free consultation. We look forward to helping your team relocate to a new office in CA.


The Best Cubicle Movers and Installation Services in Los Angeles, CA


Other cubicle movers in Los Angeles only care about profit. Instead, our own cubicle movers care about success. And they’ve had plenty of it. Our movers have relocated all sorts of companies. But moving is not our only strong suit. We also provide full-scale cubicle installation operations. We even offer installation processes for all sorts of office furniture.


We know that furniture and equipment assembly is never easy on your own. But that’s where our services come into play. Our movers know how to ensure the success of any type of company. Their work as movers culminates in over a century’s worth of experience. And the experience applies to installation as much as moving. Don’t make your staff learn how to do cable installation. That could lower the morale in your office fast. Instead, leave it to the number one office cubicle movers in Los Angeles, CA. 


Contact Our Office Cubicle Movers Today For A Free Quote


Are you ready to find out more about our office and cubicle moving services? If so, our movers are standing by. They are ready to learn what type of cubicle installation actions they can take. Plus, they will create a fast data spreadsheet that addresses each of your business needs. They will then use the data to create an accurate quote. It’s a no-charge quote that lists charges for all items.

From moving chairs to other pieces of furniture. Our movers promise to make your big office move a priority. While doing so, we’ll use patented furniture and cubicle installation techniques. Each technique will get listed in the cubicle moving quote. Think moving cubicles isn’t fun? Think again once you contact TI Commercial Movers.


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