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Packing and moving gym equipment is more than a hassle. It can be dangerous. But that’s where TI Commercial Movers steps in. You might do all your heavy lifting with your gym equipment. But we will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to moving. We specialize in transporting both home equipment and large companies’ professional gym goods. Plus, we help our clients set up equipment at their new locations.

Are you considering moving to your Southern California gym? If so, you’ve come to the right spot. Our team of gym moving experts is ready to assist you today.



TI Commercial Movers Makes Moving Gym Equipment Simple and Easy


What gives our team a competitive advantage over other gym movers? It’s simple. Our movers have more experience and are better organized. This allows them to turn any complicated move into an easy process. Sure, moving multi-component fitness machines is difficult for many people. But not our staff. They have years of training and hands-on experience.

Our gym moving services take care of every aspect that you need:

-Disassembly of gym equipment

-Transportation any size gym 

-Storage of your gym equipment 

-Installation & Equipment Delivery new or used


Keep in mind that we can disassemble and reassemble all types of gym equipment. If you are in need of treadmill movers, we’ve got you covered. Or, do you need to move a huge gym full of fitness equipment transported? We’ll take care of that fast. We offer local moves for clients with moving gyms across the Los Angeles area. We can transport your gym equipment to many locations within Southern California.


But gym moves are about more than relocation. They’re about setting up the equipment and machines. And thanks to our knowledge and tools, we can help you do so right away. Our staff knows how to reassemble multi-component parts in the correct order. That’s because they have been participating in the gym moving process for years.

Many moving companies back out of gym moves. They take one look at the big equipment and run out the door. Not us. We’re prepared for any gym moving situation. From a small garage with a little equipment to massive corporate gym facilities. This is why major gym organizations in California trust us to take care of their equipment. Our organization has two priorities when office moving or moving people fully equipped gyms.

1. Our clients.

2. Our clients’ equipment. And we don’t rest until both get taken care of.



Our Movers Are Ready to Relocate Your Home/Commercial Gym Equipment and Furniture



No matter how big or small your gym is, we’re ready to help you move. Here is only some of the gym equipment that we enjoy moving:

  • Packing Yoga mats
  • Moving Treadmills
  • Hand weights of all sizes (Our Corporate Movers are Strong)  
  • Dumbbells of all sizes
  • Barbells of all sizes (If it’s a big gym we can bring in a forklift & pallet)    
  • Benches (Can be broken down or move in one piece) 
  • Deadlift stations (We have specialized equipment dollies to do this)
  • Weightlifting machines
  • Weight stations
  • Elliptical machines (A clever dolly is used for this to speed up move)
  • Squat stand machine
  • Cable cross-overs machine
  • Stationary bikes
  • Smith machines
  • Multifunctional trainers
  • Martial arts equipment such as punching bags
  • Food and beverage equipment and goods
  • Gym lockers
  • Swimming pool-related items and equipment
  • Sauna systems only for CA moving
  • Furniture such as couches and chairs
  • Children’s play area equipment
  • Other various workout gear 


fitness gym equipment moving
We teach each employee how to disassemble home gym equipment


Our Movers Ensure That Moving Gym Equipment and Furniture is Affordable


Other gym equipment movers go through the motions. Not us. Our moving services help customers with any type of budget. We understand that hiring movers can cost a lot. In fact, the cost per hour for hiring commercial movers in Los Angeles, CA is ridiculous. That’s why we choose to set each delivery at a custom-price. And that applies whether you’re moving furniture, gym equipment, or something else.

Our focus on great pricing is a reason we’re ranked the #1 fitness equipment movers. But our services are for more than the delivery of treadmills. We’re ready to move any furniture that you have. Other companies will profile your inventory so that they can increase the costs. Instead, our moving services prevent price-gouging, we do the equipment delivery based on your needs such as assembly, time to enter the property,  how near the truck can park.

The estimated cost comes from T.I’s experience and a ca moving company that is recognized as a quality gym equipment moving company that can distribute your fitness equipment.


We have decades of experience executing equipment delivery across Los Angeles, CA. Our movers can even conduct assembly operations for all types of office furniture. Don’t worry- we’ll provide an estimated cost before any delivery takes place. And the installation goes faster than many LA residents expect. Other companies have their estimates take over an hour. But that’s not the case for us.

Our estimates take minutes. We can also provide commercial cleaning services at a low cost. Your time and money are valuable. That’s why we’re different from other moving companies. Our mission is to provide you with the best commercial business moving services at the best cost.



Our Los Angeles, CA Furniture and Gym Equipment Movers Have Decades of Experience


Our fitness equipment movers have so much moving experience. In fact, they also undergo more training than all other moving service companies. They have executed the delivery of thousands of goods across the Los Angeles area. From moving treadmills to antique furniture and everything in-between. Their experience has helped the TI Commercial Movers create the number one moving service.

But moving gym equipment and furniture is not our only strong suit. We can also provide furniture assembly and cleaning services. And we do so at a cost that benefits you and your company.

You see, moving can feel like a pain for many people. Sometimes the thought of stepping on a thumbtack sounds better than moving equipment. But our experience will ensure that your move is a painless process. Even if you live deep in the valley, our movers can help you out ASAP. We will handle all your exercise equipment and ensure that no damage takes place. After all, our team has moved gym equipment and furniture for about thirty years. They know how to execute all moving services without wasting any time.


Why Have Our Movers Relocate Your Gym and Gym Equipment?


It doesn’t matter what type of gym equipment you own T.I. are your fitness equipment movers in Los Angeles. You can count on our team to help you pack, transport, and set it up. Our movers are experts. They know how to rearrange both the home gym and commercial gym equipment.

Do you want to risk dropping your new treadmill? How about breaking your company’s elliptical machines? Of course not. Instead of moving on your own, give your muscles a well-deserved rest. And leave the hard work to our professional movers.


Go ahead and contact us right now. Our experts will assess your gym moving needs. We will then create a custom game-plan to move your gym equipment with ease. Leave the heavy lifting to us. After all, you’ll do plenty of it once we move and set up your equipment in or near Los Angeles. We are your gym equipment moving company so give us a call.