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TI Commercial Movers has a reputation for assisting medical and health care organizations. The TI expert movers have done so across Southern California for three decades. Our team provides hospital relocation servicesdental office moving, and medical moving. Plus, we can give your medical organization any type of renovation it needs. The TI movers are passionate about taking all types of medical facilities to the next level.


Some people claim that relocation/storage processes for health care facilities seem complicated. Our team of movers disagrees. Why? Because we go the extra mile to make moving and storage simple and easy for our medical clients. Plus, TI Commercial Movers is IOMI certified and very experienced. We’ve performed hundreds of moves that have involved specialized medical equipment. Our movers always deliver confidential medical records with the utmost care.


One of the goals of our movers is to reduce downtime and interruptions for our medical clients. This is to prevent us from ever getting in the way of patient care. Our movers will plan and coordinate so that your patients and staff are never bothered.

Over the past few decades, we have worked with many So-Cal hospitals and emergency rooms. Our movers have also assisted many laboratories and clinics, both public and private. If you need to store large equipment such as imaging machines, the TI team can do it for you ASAP.


We also have a lot of experience storing MRIs and other high-tech equipment. Plus, we can transport and store hospital beds and high-value goods with ease. We make sure that time-critical shipments are always in the best, most secure location. Please give us a call today to find out more about our healthcare relocation services.



Our Movers Are Ready to Transport Your Medical Office Equipment



Are you ready to move to new offices? Or, are you about to transport medical equipment? Either way, our movers are ready to help. They have decades of experience helping medical clients move from office to office. The TI team even has patented medical office cleaning services.

We can get both your new office and old office clean in a short timeframe. Other movers take the easy way out. But our movers take no shortcuts to help all types of medical organizations. You’ve never experienced a moving company as professional as TI Commercial Movers.



Any other moving company has limited experience serving as medical office movers. Not us. We’ve relocated medical office after medical office across Southern California. Our decades of experience has led to one result. We’re ranked as the number one medical office movers in Los Angeles, CA.

There is no type of equipment that our office movers cannot relocate. The TI movers go through years of medical equipment training. This ensures that our moving company can transport goods in a safe manner. 



Contact Our Movers Today for Medical Facility Moving & Equipment Relocation



Please contact our moving company today to find out more about our medical services. We promise that our movers will make the extra effort to help you with all medical moving needs. In fact, some of our movers even specialize in serving as medical office movers. That is something that no other moving company can state. 


We recognize that movers should do more than transport medical equipment. Movers should also specialize in understanding what it is that they move.


That’s why our movers study the best practices for moving all types of medical supplies. And our movers won’t rest until each client receives world-class customer service. We look forward to our movers taking care of all your medical relocation needs.