Tenant Abandonment Services That Get Fast Results

Tenant Abandonment Services That Get Fast Results

Tenant Abandonment Services


Dealing with tenant abandonment is never fun. There’s trash. There’s broken furniture. There are smells. And there might even be other negative factors. But our organization is here to help. Our team will take care of all issues surrounding abandonment on your behalf. Say someone has abandoned your Southern California property. The TI Commercial Movers team will step in and dispose of everything that the tenant left behind. We will clear the area out fast. That way, you can rent the space to new tenants in no time.


Our Staff Knows How to Handle Abandoned Property


As you may know, California has many rules and regulations. And there are plenty that landlords and property owners must adhere to. But there’s no need for you to pull out the government rule book. Our experts know property rules and regulations like the backs of their hands. This knowledge is one of our secret weapons. We use it to help our clients use the right tenant abandonment processes. That’s why our staff can do more than clean up messes left behind. We will assist landlords and property owners with following all rules and regulations. This will speed up the abandonment recovery process. Next, you will be in a position to move to better tenants ASAP. Keep in mind that the state of California has rules about getting rid of belongings that have value. This applies to items such as:


-Bicycles or other personal effects


-Medical supplies

-Sentimental belongings such as draw contents

Rest assured, our team will dispose of these items in a manner that complies with the law. This will save you time from having to read dozens of documents. Leave the tenant abandonment laws to our experts. We discard personal property faster than our clients can learn about California regulations. That’s why TI Commercial Movers receives so much positive press. We are one of the top-rated tenant abandonment services in Los Angeles. And we can’t wait to prove to you why we are. Our staff loves to turn abandoned personal property into a beautiful space for lease.


We Can Dispose of Trash & Take Care of All Damages


Tenants move out for one of two reasons. Either they choose to leave or they have gotten evicted. Either way, this forces our potential clients to have to clean things up. Plus, they also have to spend time repairing plenty of damage. There might even be tons of left-behind personal property to discard. But wait. Why do these actions on your own? TI Commercial Movers will take care of these processes for you. That way, you can spend your time on more important tasks.

Do you want to touch trash that your former tenant didn’t want? Of course not. But our team members enjoy removing trash. They will get rid of food, broken furniture, and anything else left behind. We will dispose of all garbage in a matter of minutes. Plus, our staff will even do our best to make the unit/space smell better. Say that your former tenant didn’t make the required repairs. That’s all right. Our staff can make those repairs right away. And we will do our best to meet the needs of your budget every step of the way.


Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Tenant Abandonment Services


When a tenant abandons the property, landlords and property owners get left with problems. But our firm’s mission is to take care of those problems on our clients’ behalf. And our problem-solving solutions have been getting noticed for years. Now, we’re one of the top tenant abandonment services companies in California. We can convert anything into beautiful rental property faster than our competitors. To find out more, please give us a call right now. We look forward to disposing of your former tenant’s waste in record time.

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